Ladybug Baking Company


312 Bridge St.
New Cumberland, Pennsylvania 17070



Cafe Menu


Ladybug Baking Company & Café                        

33 N. Beaver St., York, PA 17401

(717) 885-0756 ~

Open Tuesday-thursday 10-2pm, Friday 9am-3pm and sat 9am-3pm

Sandwiches    come with Martin’s chips           

Egg and Ham Wrap- House-baked ham, egg, tomatoes, and shredded cheddar $5.00

Pot Roast Egg Sammy-Bagel with house-roasted pot roast, egg and cheddar with house mayo $5.00

Roasted Veggie Quesadilla-House roasted veggies, tomato, spinach and cheddar cheese $6.95 (Vegan $7.50)

Gourmet Grilled Ham and Cheese-Provolone, cheddar, ham and marinated tomatoes $7.50

Chicken Bacon Wrap-Grilled chicken, bacon, romaine, house mayo and marinated tomatoes $7.50

Vegan “Chicken” Wrap-Faux chicken, romaine, tomatoes, house “mayo” and Diaya cheddar $7.75


Turkey Bacon Ranch Salad-Turkey, Bacon, and Tomatoes on Romaine w/ croutons & ranch dressing  $7.50

Sides     Small: 2.00  Lg: 4.00

House-made Mac and Cheese

Soups  Small:  2.50  Large:  5.00

Corned Beef and Potato

Savory Tomato w/ Spinach & Ham